The short answer is no (based on my interpretation of your question).

Consider carefully where you are wanting to send data and when. The 
header() function is specifically for manipulating HTTP headers in the 
response you will send the Web client. You are probably not wanting to 
post data to the client; you want to post data to another Web server, right?

I cannot tell from your question what exactly you are wanting to do, to 
be honest. If you want to automate a post, you should look into the curl 
extension of PHP. If you actually only need to maintain data across 
several pages on your own site, please restate the question.

Happy hacking.


P.S. You may want to use a proper name in your email client. My guess is 
that "dsfljsdfklj kljvdskljfsdkl" is going to get filtered by some 
people's spam-filtering software.

dsfljsdfklj kljvdskljfsdkl wrote:

>a php page receives POST data from a form, it needs to
>elaborate the data and send it to another page again
>in POST automatically, without the user noticing.
>Is it possible to use the header() function to send a
>POST request? If yes how? And how do I send the post

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