I'm trying to generate a dropdown SELECT list from a database query. So far, 
all I've managed to create is multiple one-item dropdowns for each database 
entry spread across the page. Bad -- very bad!

I'd like normal drop-down SELECT behavior, but somehow the code escapes me. 
I've tried a bunch of permutations, but I either end up with an empty 
dropdown or multiple single entry messes. 

Is there anyway to iterate through this and achieve what I want?

I would greatly appreciate any hints what I'm missing here or doing wrong. 
Code follows.

Code (using PostgreSQL):

. . .
$query = "SELECT * FROM rap WHERE rsponsor = '{$_SESSION['sid']}'";
$result = pg_exec($db, $query);
if (!$result) {exit;}
$numrows = pg_numrows($result);

if ($numrows == 0) {echo "<h2>Sorry!<br><br>'{$_POST['sid']}' is not in the
 our database.<br><br> Click 'Back' on
 your browser to enter another search.<br><br></h2>"; exit;}

$row = 0;
$myrow = pg_fetch_array($result,$row);
 if ($myrow['rupload'] != "")

 print "<SELECT name=rapped><option>{$myrow['rfname']}                                 

while ($row < $numrows);

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