I have seen it on many sites now and since I have been using PHP for so long and done 
a huge amount of coding with it I thought it would add a nice touch and it could be 
used for statistical purposes to assist me in database effeciency and so forth.

The idea is a page "execution" timer.. or a database query timer.. basically it shows 
you just a time (usually in msecs) it took for the last command to be executed.. I 
have seen it used for queries and it returns the time it took.. And I am quite sure 
I've seen it used for actual page generation as well, whereby it says something like 
"page generated in x.xxx secs"

I just want to know what function or module covers this feature.. If it is at all 

Thanks a million people!


 Julien Bonastre [The_RadiX]
 The-Spectrum Network CEO


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