if $datetest has a strict format, use $getdate[1]==$datetest, also put 
$datetest="$day.month.$year" out of the while loop, it doesn't need to 
be recreated over and over.

Chad Winger wrote:

>Yes, I'm STILL a newbie :) I've gotten pretty far in a few days thanks to
>you all. I have a new question for you, maybe this is a bit easier than my
>last issue.
>Still using my text file example, which has lines such as:
>0706010102|01.01.02|16:00|Serie C2|02|Forlě|Florentia Viola|
>0610010102|01.07.02|16:00|Serie C2|05|Florentia Viola|Gubbio|
>1806190702|19.07.02|16:00|Serie C2|05|Savona|Florentia Viola|
>I am able to with a form, create a new addition to the file. What I'd like
>to do now however, is before writing to the file, check the second field
>(the date in this case) and if it is the same as what is being submitted,
>then I want to buy using an if...else statement stop it from being written.
>What I tried was to create an array called $getdate by exploding the file
>that has the text above. Then, I also created a variable called $datetest
>which was from the form such as: $datetest = ("$day.$month.$year");
>so Now i wanted to compare $getdate[1] to $datetest and if any of the
>exploded arrays from $getdate[1] matched up with $getdate, i.e. what is
>being submitted from the form, then it would not go to write the file.
>I tried it like so:
>$fd = fopen ($schedule, "r");
>while (!feof ($fd))
>$currentlines = fgets($fd, 4096);
>$getdate = explode("|", $currentlines);
>$datetest = ("$day.$month.$year");
>if (preg_match ($getdate[1] , $datetest)) {
>echo 'date already listed';
>} else {
>$fp = fopen($schedule, "w");
>echo 'success';
>I am not even sure if this is the function i need to use, but if it is, my
>syntaxt must be wrong, because I have tried all combinaions and I keep
>getting errors.
>Any suggestions?
>Thanks as always

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