If you are a MySQL newbie you need to read this!

I just screwed up big time and lost about 1 hour of data in a time sensitive 
application by using TINYINT as my ID field.

TINYINT will only allow up to 255 records in a MySQL DB. Please, if you don't know the 
EXACT differences between all the different INTEGER types, please stop what you are 
doing and go to mysql.com and read up. You may be surprised that the number you enter 
after your "INT(10)" has nothing to do with what you think it means.

Ever wish someone could let you know ahead of time that you are about to screw up? 
Well this could be it. Please learn from my mistake, fully understand INTEGER types if 
you ever plan on having a DB grow above 200+ records.

Thanks crew.
- name withheld... too embarrassed right now.

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