by the way If I remove  return false .. script is checking the correctness
but just after it is going to the page  "sign_up_ page .php "..I just want
it to go to the page when the email is correct ..
Is it possible to manage ?

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Subject: FW: [PHP] about forms with php

> Hi,
> > <form name="sign" method="POST" action="sign_up_.php"
> > onSubmit="checkemail(email.value);return false" >
> >
> > and when I click submit.. javascript is working but
> > it is not going to the sign_up_ page ......
> It's because of the "return false": that means "after running the
> function, cancel the form submission".
> I think you want to have your function return true or false depending on
> whether the email address is OK, and take the return out of the onsubmit
> handler.
> Don't forget to validate the email address on the server as well,
> people who turn off Javascript will be able to submit dodgy data.
> Cheers
> Jon
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