Howdy all!

I've built a page in Dreamweaver MX that uses PHP for scripting.  I
can get
data out of my mysql database but I need to be able to search for
currently it only matches 100% exact queries.
Below is the code that is at the beggining of the PHP page.
$varSort_search1 = "%";
if (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS["Sort"])) {
  $varSort_search1 = (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) ?
$varText_search1 = "%";
if (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS["Text"])) {
  $varText_search1 = (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) ?
mysql_select_db($database_CATCH, $CATCH);
$query_search1 = sprintf("SELECT * FROM secureworks WHERE %s LIKE
$search1 = mysql_query($query_search1, $CATCH) or die(mysql_error());
$row_search1 = mysql_fetch_assoc($search1);
$totalRows_search1 = mysql_num_rows($search1);


Does anyone have any ideas?

John Cole, TCISA

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