I got this problem getting my uploaded pictures listed in a table 3 by 3.
The script below works fine and make a nice listing vetically...

Now, how the heck do I script so that I get 3 pictures in a row, in separat
colums and adding a new row so next 3 pictures get the same formatting?

I looked into array_chunk() but I cant figure out how to use it? should i
split $pic_out and use a foreach on that array? or just $nr=count($pic_out);
and then run an if-statment to see if I get it out...well I hope u can give
me some help cuz this is driving me mad

reg: cleaner

    $sql="SELECT namn,sokvag,id FROM data ORDER by 'id' DESC";
             $query=mysql_query($sql)or die(mysql_error());




        echo "<TD> <IMG SRC='$img_source' height='100' BORDER='0'><TD>";
         }//end While

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