Hello, I am trying to find a string in another string with mysql. Normally,
this would work.

select 'foo' REGEXP ('foo');

And that would simply return 1, since it found it.  But, my strings are more
complicated than that.
One good random example is something like this..Ya i know, its wierd but go
with me on this.

ok/2.0 (hah 3.0; BAM oh 5.1; .hi CLR 1.0.4725)

so you would do a select like..

select 'ok/2.0 (hah 3.0; BAM oh 5.1; .hi CLR 1.0.4725)' REGEXP ('ok/2.0 (hah
3.0; BAM oh 5.1; .hi CLR 1.0.4725)');

That of course doesnt work.  All of the () 's, and /'s, and .'s, mess it all
up.   And suggestion on what to do? any function to convert all of the
special regexp characters ()[];.^*$ etc to work correctly?

Thank You,
Taylor York

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