Hmm.. Interesting problem I seem to have stumbled upon

I am running apache2.0.36 and php4.2.2 (i am using gd1.6.2)

Now the catch is.. I just want to output a few diff image types directly to browser..

I can do JPEG's fine.. BMP's don't work because of using a older gdlib.. that's no big 
deal though.. i just wanted jpeg and hopefully PNG..

Thing is.. PNG's well.. it loads them fine.. but they end up 256colour palette in the 
browser.. it actually creates the new image from the original true colour (~24KB 
original) and instead spits out a 256colour ~4KB version.. since the palette's been 
reduced involuntarily this is not the desired effect..

I run the img resource through imagecolorstotal($img) to get the colour palette. sure 
enough.. it returns 256.. and yet i open the PNG in Photoshop and its a truecolour PNG 
and without discolouration..

It's definitely freaking me out since I have no idea why it's doing it. I started 
reading the docs' more closely to see if it was a known issue and that the png func's 
are supposed to return 256 colour images.. but to no avail..

Below is the code of the very simple (as can be seen) test php page:
header("Content-type: image/png");
//header("Content-Disposition: image; filename=test");

As can be seen.. It's very simple.. hehe.. I was just using it to test the principle 
but even at these early stages the plan fell apart due to this wacky problem..

Thanks for any ideas/advice..

:) greatly appreciated..


 Julien Bonastre [The_RadiX]
 The-Spectrum Network CEO


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