When I call the function batch_delayed_capture(see below), I issue the
"$this->delayed_capture($d);" statement. Both batch_delayed_capture and
delayed_capture are in the same include file. The statement works fine the
first time through the loop but gives the following error "Cannot redeclare
class pfp_class"(see below). I added some echo statements to help identify
where the problem was occuring.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Array element 0= 21203749pnref= xxxx Made it to delayed capture Just after
delayed capyure Array element 1= 21203748pnref= xxxx1
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class pfp_class in
/var/www/html/shop/modules/checkout/lib/_class.pfp.php on line 76
function batch_delayed_capture(&$d) {

   global $auth,

   if ($d) {
     //echo "Inside POST\n";
     while (list($lvar, $lvalue) = each($d)) {
       if (ereg ("^d_c_arr", $lvar, $throwaway)) {

   $dbresponse = new ps_DB;

    for($i = 0; $i < sizeof($batch_d_c); $i++){

      echo " Array element $i= " . $batch_d_c[$i];

      $qr = "SELECT pnref from transaction_response WHERE result='0' ";
      $qr .= "AND order_id=$batch_d_c[$i] AND delay_capture IS NULL";
      echo "pnref= " . $d["pnref"];

      echo "Just after delayed capyure";

    return True;


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