On 09/21/2002 07:19 PM, Jeff Schwartz wrote:
> The IMAP documentation on the php site says that you can create an IMAP message 
>using imap_mail_compose but fails to say how to send it.
> I've tried using imap_mail but it gives me a parameter count error.
> Does anyone know how to send the message?

I usually do not use the IMAP extension for composing and sending 
messages because I do not need IMAP and sending messages really has 
nothing to do with IMAP.

You may want to try this PHP class instead which is what I use to send 
messages, even complex ones with attachments, HTML with embedded images, 
text and HTML alternative versions in the same message, messages with 
non-ASCII characters (accents, cedillas, characters of other alphabets).



Manuel Lemos

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