On the Linux box compile PHP as CGI (i.e. don't configure it as an apache
mod). Then you can just run your script from the the command-line.

For example:
#!/usr/local/bin/php -q
print "Hello world.\n";

The -q suppresses the html crap that gets spit out. I don't know jack
about Redhat (Debian rocks), you might be able to get an RPM that will
install the php executable for you.

To do the crontab:
crontab -e

15,30,45,0 * * * * name_of_your_script


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On Sat, 21 Sep 2002, Joseph Szobody wrote:

> Folks, I have a PHP script that needs to be executed automatically every 15 minutes. 
>I have the option of doing this on a RedHat linux box, or on Windows 2000 Server.
> How would I do this (on either platform) and which would be easier?
> I believe somehow I could create a cron job on linux, but I'm a bit confused how 
>that would work. Would I just call the php script using Lynx? If so, does the Lynx 
>process die when the php script is finished? Will I have dozens of Lynx processes 
>still running at the end of the day?
> In Windows, I believe I could use the task scheduler, or something like that. But 
>again, how exactly would I call the script? I certainly don't want a new browser 
>window to open every 15 minutes, especially if it doesn't close again.
> Any insight? Thanks!
> Joseph
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