Hello friends,

I have a weired problem with sessions.

I am using session_start();

The following is my problem.
1) User with valid username and password is given an
Administration Menu.
2) Various options are there. He selects a particular
3) The selected option is opened in a new page.
4) He does his job on the new window. But midway ( say
after 2 pages ), after making a few chioices, he
closes the newly opened window,leading to some
variables being registered
5) Now , after some time , selects the same option.
6) Makes his selection. But , he gets the choices that
he had used previous time inspite of him closing the
window .

How do I get rid of the problem ? I would like that
even if the user closes the browser midway and then
again checks the same , his new sessions should be
registered and not the old.

Is there a way wherein we can destroy the sessions of
the new browser window as soon as the browser is
closed ?

I would be very thankful to you for your help.
Thanks a zillion for your help.

Best Regards,
Monil Chheda

Best Regards,
Monil Chheda(INDIA)

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