i can do what i need on a command line with curl. but how would i do it in
php & curl?

this is my curl commands
curl -D hc -d "login=xxxxxx&password=xxxxxx&TYPE=login"
curl -b hc -d "sendmsg=1&min=xxxxxxxx&message=test"

so really want i need is how do i specify with curl in php HOW TO RECORD
and then how to RELAY them back..


":B Nerdy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> i wish to POST submit to a login form on another server and then after
> POST some more information on the resulting page.
> the thing is, after the first login, the website sends me a cookie. it
> probably holds the session id and or authentication information. how will
> can i relay this back to the page so i can view the resulting page without
> being kicked out because of no cookie??
> ive already used curl and am able to post things to scripts. but this
> problem i dont know how to get around.
> any idea?
> cheers

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