Read up on the image manipulation functions of PHP at 

You will need to install the GD library if it's not already installed and 
once you do you will have access to all the functions described, including 
the ImageCopyResized function. To read the image from disk, you will 
probably have to use ImageCreateFromGif or ImageCreateFromJpeg and to 
create the destination image you will need to use CreateImage. You can then 
save the resulting thumbnail using ImageGif, ImageJpeg or anything you like.

Just as a side note, you should probably use ImageCopyResampled which uses 
interpolation to resize the image, thus creating a thumbnail of much better 



PS: to get the image's height and width, use ImagesY and ImagesX 
respectively, once you have opened/created the image.

At 18:09 2002-09-22 +0300, Kjell Hansen wrote:
>I'm using a Win2k with php4.1 and I'd like to make some thumbnails from
>pictures on my disk.
>I've gotten the impression that it's possible, but I havent' found out
>just how.
>I've stumbled across the ImageCopyResized function but it requires a
>imagehandle(?) to the file copied from. How do I get that? Is it the
>right way to do this?
>I guess I could use some picture manipulating program to do this, but
>doing it the PHP way is nicer :)
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