Im running a dev box with IIS 5/Apache/php 4.1.2
I just noticed that part of a script that is supposed to delete a file 
isn't working under IIS but is under Apache.
Under IIS, php is installed as isapi.
Paths are correct, and the file in question is created by the script and 
according to the permissions, SYSTEM has full access to the file.
MARC and user notes under unlink() didn't reveal anything about why 
unlink() works for some and not for others.

Code snippet in question ->
$log = '../../includes/error/error.log';

    if (isset( $_POST['Reset'] ))
        if (!unlink($log))
            trigger_error('UNABLETORESETLOGFILE' , E_USER_WARNING );

Can anyone shed any light for me.
Thanks for any insight you may provide.

Gerard Samuel

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