On 22 Sep 2002 at 12:10, Victor wrote:

> $_GLOBAL["var"] or $_GLOBAL['var'] or $_GLOBAL[var] - I noticed that in
> a mysql statement you can only use: $_GLOBAL[var].
> I would like to get the advice of more experienced php programmers out
> there about this. Which one of the above it the "most best" way to
> write?

Yeah, this through me as well. Using Perl I got completely out of using 
quotes when not essential, still don't like em.  But the php.net site's 
got the answer:


someone put a link to another good explanation:


And of course take care of the magic (imho, black magic) that can go on 
with auto escaping, quoting etc. that I should fathom but haven't. 

the php.net site is wealth of info, good search, I find 98% of my 
answers there.


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