I can't imagine how anyone could thing this is a good idea!

What's next?  Change my browser preferences without asking me?  Move some
files around on my hard drive?

FWIW, PHP is a SERVER SIDE language.  It doesn't interact with the
browser... by the time your browser recieves a page, it's just plain HTML,
which can be seen with view > source.

To do something as horrid as closing a browser, it would have to be done
with something like JavaScript on the browser (client-side).  For example,
self.close() (forget exact syntax) in JavaScript may do what you want.

I still can't see an occasion where you'd want this... at least not on a
consumer site.


on 23/09/02 1:03 AM, Murat . ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> hi,
> is it possible to close client's browser's window from php script?
> thanks...

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