strings in double quotes are evaluated looking for $vars and {$vars} to
substitute.  strings with in single quotes are not evaluated for vars.

$var = "my favourite color is {$col}";  // works
$var = "my favourite color is $col";    // works
$var = 'my favourite color is $col';    // doesn't work
$var = 'my favourite color is ' . $col; // works

Same applies to strings within functions:

include('{$dir}/{$file}.inc')       // doesn't work
include('$dir/$')           // doesn't work
include($dir.'/'.$file.'.inc')      // works
include("{$dir}/{$file}.inc")       // works
include("$dir/$")           // probably works

Nothing to do with arrays :)



on 23/09/02 1:52 PM, Chuck PUP Payne ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Ok, that work. Why does the ' (quote) not make it work is it because it's an
> array? Any thanks John that got it work.

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