make your checkboxes in the form an array with the index being the customer


in the form ...
foreach($customers as $cust)
{       echo("<tr>");
        echo("<input type='hidden' name='status[{$cust["id"]}]'
        echo("<input type='checkbox' name='status[{$cust["id"]}]'");
        if ($cust["status"]) echo(" checked");

and when processing
foreach($_POST["status"] as $custid=>status)
{       ... // update query for each customer


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sascha Braun [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: 22 September 2002 18:43
> To: PHP Mailingliste
> Subject: Update undefined List Values in DB
> Hi,
> I am creating a kind of Shopsystem right now.
> One of the Funktions is going to be the possibiliy that the 
> page admin can set an customer status to 1 or 0
> via an listing of all customers.
> My Problem is, that I have to change more than one value at a 
> time due to the Listing, where all
> customers are listed in one big list.
> So I have to write multiple values in to the database as Update.
> I don't have a clue how to do this, the only thing i could do is
> to make the change possible via an extrapage per customer,
> but I'm not able to change all values at a time.
> Would be nice if somebody would give me a hint.
> Please excuse my english
> Sascha Braun

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