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> I've never really payed attention to this before, but now I 
> noticed that ==
> is case-sensitive, how do I make it == with different "cases" ?

Use strcasecmp():

  strcasecmp($a, $b)  // returns 0 if strings match case-insensitive
                      // non-zero if not

This is slightly unfortunate in that the test you have to do is counter-intuitive:

  if (strcasecmp($a, $b)):
     // strings DON'T match
     // strings match case-insensitively

Nonetheless, I'd prefer this over case-converting both strings and then comparing, as 
you're only making a single function call to do a comparison with in-line conversion, 
as opposed to two function calls for the conversions and then a comparison as well.  
(I guess I ought to benchmark that -- although it seems "obvious", sometimes the 
obvious isn't!)



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