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...and then John Holmes said...
% Okay, you got me on that one, but why do you need to remove the

In my case, I had a newline-delimited file of


and when the data had an embedded newline like

  comment@@this is a
  long comment

then it messed things up.  Yeah, I learned about the possibility of using
XML along the way, and I've already thought about serialize and base64
(which I *do* use inside the code, though not out in the file) for simple
protections, but a requirement was that the text file also be readable
and editable by people -- and, besides, I'm just extending this code
rather than writing it :-)

% newlines? It should be stored in the database (if you're doing so) with
% the  newlines and not the HTML breaks. You only use the nl2br() to
% output it on a web page, so who cares if the new lines are still there?

For output, it doesn't matter, as you say.  My problem was input :-)

% The manual page explains this correctly, btw. It says that a "<br />"
% will be inserted before all newlines.

Yeah, but that requires actual reading ;-)  Who knows any more what TFM is?

% ---John Holmes...


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