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> Each evening I distribute a newsletter to approx 500 subscribers, and I 
> want to stamp each copy I send with the name, email address and subscriber 
> number of the recipient. I've not done any programmatic PDF manipulation, 
> but could this be done using PDFlib? I receive the newsletter as a PDF from 
> the publisher, it's not generated on my system. I envision it running as 
> follows:

You might want to simplify the problem into two steps:

1. Create a PDF file with the stamp information;
2. Append one file to the other.

PDFLib could certainly do the former. I'm not sure about the latter.

I have a similar problem (to step 2); we have a phone directory that 
employees can download, but the front matter and the directory itself 
come from different departments. They each ftp their parts, as PDF, to a 
central repository. I have a Perl script on my desktop computer (Mac OS 
X) that checks this repository for new versions, downloads them when it 
finds them, and then calls an AppleScript which calls Adobe Acrobat to 
combine the two files into a single file, then uploads the single file 
to our web site.

It works fine, except that I do have to be logged into my computer for 
it to work (Adobe Acrobat, being a GUI app, requires that a GUI be 
started up). I'd love to be able to replace that step with a completely 
command-line combination routine.

You might also check out the Yahoo PDFLib group. It looks fairly active.

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