Just use ini_set() to set a different session.save_path() than what's in
your PHP.ini. then the garbage collector won't touch it. Write your own
script to do the deleting and call whatever functions you need. Add that
to your cron script to run every hour or day, and you're good to go. You
made your own garbage collector. 

I'm going to have to do this for a sourceforge site I have. I started a
thread about this on the PHP board at Devshed and someone posted a
sample function to handle the cleanup.

---John Holmes...

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> From: christian haines [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Monday, September 23, 2002 11:06 PM
> Subject: Re: [PHP] session and expiration function
> thanks john,
> hmmm... i suspected as much...
> i guess the way to do it would be to set a highly improbable garbage
> collection and long timeout via ini_set. then use a timeout function
> attached to the session which launches on expiration
> cheers
> christian
> "John Holmes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> 002501c26374$e136db20$b402a8c0@mango">news:002501c26374$e136db20$b402a8c0@mango...
> > > is it possible to have a function execute when a session expires
> > > php4
> > > sessions?
> > > i know how to execute a function if i control the timeout (as
> > mentioned
> > > elsewhere in this group) but what about if the session times out
> > itself
> > > using the inbuilt garbage collection routine.
> > > if so, any ideas how?
> >
> > I don't think there's a way to do it besides hacking the source
code. If
> > you really have to do this, I'd set your own session.save_path() in
> > scripts and then write a script to do the cleanup and function
> > for you.
> >
> > ---John Holmes...
> >
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