No Edwin .. I can't do any thing to that file .. not even from my 
ftp client .. can't download can't change permissions ..

The server is managed by rackspace .. I doubt they would do some 
thing like running apache as root which I "hear" is a v foolish 
thing to do  (frankly I don't know how to figure it out myself 
..if that is the case .. phpinfo() did not say any thing on 

A brief restatement of problem

File uploaded via HTTP POST to /tmp  OK

After this I tried the following three things and none worked.

a) fopen("/tmp/temp_file_name","rb")  FAILED (Operation not 
b) copy($tempfile, "/place/to/put/uploaded/file") FAILED
c) move_uploaded_file($userfile, "/place/to/put/uploaded/file") 
DID COPY BUT file had -rw-------- permissions, and could not open 
this file either... so back to square 1

The directory in "/place/to/put/uploaded/file is mode 777 .

Still fighting it out.

On Tue, 24 Sep 2002 @ Edwin wrote :
>Just a comment...
>On Tuesday, September 24, 2002 1:39 PM
>Jaski wrote:
> > I tried to copy this file using
> > move_uploaded_file($userfile, 
> >
> > and here a strange thing happened. The file was successfully
> > copied BUT it had permissions like -rw------ which I interpret 
> > only accessible to root. I tried copy() function instead and 
> > failed.
> >
>...having that "permission" doesn't necessarily mean that it's 
>accessible to root--unless of course you're running Apache as 
>root, which I
>doubt you'd do.
>Anyway, if the file was successfully copied why not just try to 
>open it
>- E

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