Do it after the loop finishes

while( ){

    if( something ) {
        print out;

print out

Naintara Jain wrote:

>I have a logic problem:
>I have a complicated query. The main thing is that I have an ID, and for a
>particular ID, I may have  between 1 to 3 rows returned. The rows returned
>are variable, that is for 1 particular ID there might just be 1 row and at a
>later time it may have 3 rows.
>But what I need to do is print only one row for a particular ID. Please do
>not suggest I do it through SQL itself, because it's after using various
>aggregate functions that I have arrived at the min. result set. I need the
>logic clarified, because it has me stumped. It will be simple for a
>clear-thinking individual.
>What I am doing is:
>I maintain a set of details in say $prev_row (previous row) and another in
>cur_row (current row).
>The minute my cur_row detail (one unique id) doesn't match the prev_row
>detail, I print out all the previous row details, and reinitialize the
>various variables (all in a loop).
>This works fine for all cases but fails for the last ID, because of the
>logic used. Do I need to create a special case for the last one, or can
>anyone suggest a better way?

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