I change the procedure to create an account for users. For the moment, 
the user (to create and log in), have to create an account with e-mail + 
password. I'd like to create a procedure to check the e-mail (login) 
validity. But I'd like to check if the e-mail used exist or not.

The procedure, I'd like implement :
1. User create new account (enter : fisrt name, last name, e-mail, 
password, ....)

2. An e-mail is send to user to check if e-mail exist. In the e-mail, my 
first idea is to send with an auto-generated number

3. User have to join a specific page to enter the auto-generated number 
to check the validity.

My question are :
1. What do you think about this procedure ? your advise, idea are welcome
2. Is it possible with mySQL to delete user after for example 2 days, if 
the user not confirm the subscription ?


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