Hey all,

I was reading an article at PHPBuilder.com (not very recent, 01/15/2001)
about PEAR DB, and was wondering if anyone had any experience using PEAR
rather than the functions dedicated specifically to each type of DB (i.e.
mysql_, mssql_, pg_, msql_, etc.).  Also, if anyone has any reasons why to
go with one or the other.

The reason I ask, is because I recently downloaded QuerySim so I could
simulate my db info while the db is still in development and not have to
slow down the process.  QuerySim uses PEAR DB functions, and after the db
development is finished it is an easy conversion.  Simply change the line
that tells which db is being accessed.

[code snippet]
$db = DB::connect( "mssql://$dbuser:$dbpass@$dbhost/$dbname" ); // for MSSQL
$db = DB::connect( "mysql://$dbuser:$dbpass@$dbhost/$dbname" ); // for MySQL
//instead of

$conn = DB::connect('querysim');
[/code snippet]

And my querys would still remain relatively the same.  I hope you can shed
some light on this because I am not really sure which one to use.

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