Turn off notice logging in your php.ini, just keep warnings and errors.

Jason Young wrote:

> I have some code that a user can set a description about an item to be 
> posted, and then add some image files of the item.
> Its a 3x3 frame of <input type="file"> fields, along with an 'include' 
> line for each one.. only selecting a file with the 'Browse' button, or 
> entering a website manually will trigger this include..
> Of course, there aren't always going to be 9 images to upload, so 
> sometimes they have to be left blank ... everytime I submit something 
> without all 9 entries filled,  I get a bunch of lines in my error log 
> like the following:
> [error] PHP Notice:  No file uploaded in Unknown on line 0
> Is there something I can do to combat this? It's quite annoying to see 
> up to 9 of these lines everytime I submit something from my page.
> I don't want to turn off all error reporting or anything like that, 
> either... I'd like to see something that'll make it a non-error.
> Thanks!
> -Jason Young

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