If I remember correctly checkboxes literally do not exist on the posted
pages if they don't get checked on the form page. So maybe you can use
isset or something like that to see if the checkbox exists if so make it
checked if not show it unchecked.

Hope that helps.

On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 11:24, Tom Ray wrote:
> I'm having a small problem with a form I'm designing and I hope someone can
> point me in the right direction here. The form's function is rather simple
> actaully. It's supposed to take the information, run through it to make sure
> all the required fields have data in them, if there is a blank required field
> it is supposed to redraw the form showing the field missed but also store the
> data that was already submitted so you don't have to fill the form out all over
> again. Now I have it so it stores the values of text boxes, drop down menus and
> radio buttons but I'm having a real tough time with the check box values.
> Example of what I'm doing: (Gender Selection with Radio Buttons). 
> I declare an array in my PHP by doing 
> $genderarray=array();
> Then I store the value of the form for the redraw like so:
> $mygender=$HTTP_POST_VARS[gender];
> $genderarray[$mygender]="checked";
> In the actaul form I decalre a global:
> global genderarray();
> And under the gender selection I have:
> <input name=gender type=radio value="Male" <?= $genderarray["Male"] ?>" >
> (works the same for the Female)
> Now my question is how can I do this with check boxes. I thought I could
> through them all into a single array, then pull out the ones who have values to
> them, but that's not working the way I thought.
> Any thoughts or suggestions?
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