there is a problem in mysql database.there r two table is named as transactions and 

the other is named as the code.the transactions table
has got the 12 fields which r the following 

1.clientid int date  3.isinno text   4.debit
int int  6.desc  text 
7.dpid1  text   8.nsdlid int   9. desc1 text  10.
desc2 text  11. dpid bigint  12.transno int 
All these fields r by default NULL
the code table has got the 8 fields which r the
following  1.rd smallint  2.transno int  
3.status tinyint  4.status1 tinyint 5.cdate date 
6.clientid int  7. isinno text 
8.description text  . All these fields r by default

I am writing this query but its not giving the
recquired results i.e i want it should pick up the 

all the fields of both the tables without any
duplicate enteries.

SELECT * from transactions,holdings,code where 
transactions.clientid=holdings.clientid and 

and transactions.isinno=' INE561A01013' and
FROM_DAYS( - TO_DAYS(holdings.hdate)
 group by,code.description 

Basically the problem with the above query is that its
giving the duplicate enteries .

plz. solve my problem at the earliest.its very  urgent.

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