Sascha Braun wrote:
> I have a small problem I'm not able to solve.
> I wanted to install PHP 2.2.3 under WinXP together with an
> Apache 2.0.39, but after installation and reconfiguration of
> all Ini's and conf files the service did not start again.

Isn't it PHP 4.2.3? ;-))

> After starting the Apache manually from commandŽline it
> stops with the following error (translatet from german) :
> Syntax Error on line 174 of C:/Webverzeichnis/bin/apache/conf: Cannot
> load C:/Webverzeichnis/bin/php/sapi/php4apache2.dll into server:
> Procedure could not be found.

I think this problem is related with the interface change of Apache2. Since
version 2.0.39 (?) the interface changed a bit, so some functions don't
work. You'll have to compile the php4apache2.dll from PHP 4.3.x and use that
with your Apache2.

I'll send you one trough e-mail, and hope it works for you.


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