Shouldn't you have some selection criteria after

$MailQuery = "SELECT * FROM newsletter_db";

such as WHERE `newsletterID`=$_REQUEST['id'];


Other than that if its not dying and you actuall do have more than one
recipient I cannot see it.


"Sascha Braun" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message

I wanted to write an Newsletter script. So I created two tables in my
Database. One is storing the Newsletters and one is Storing the bunch of
folks who want to have them.

Everything works fine, I can write the Newsletter very easy in my
selfwritten admin tool, but when I send the Newsletter
only the first person in the list it getting this awfull Newsletter.

Here is the script which sends out the Newsletter:

if ($_REQUEST['action'] == 'send') {

 $Query = "SELECT * FROM newsletters_db WHERE id = '".$_REQUEST['id']."'";
 $Result = mysql_query($Query, $connect);
 $arrResult = mysql_fetch_array($Result, MYSQL_ASSOC);
  $MailQuery = "SELECT * FROM newsletter_db";
  $MailResult = mysql_query($MailQuery, $connect);
  $subject = $arrResult['head'];
  $message = $arrResult['text'];
  while ($arrMailResult = mysql_fetch_array($MailResult, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {

   mail($arrMailResult['address'], $subject, $message,
         "From: webmaster@$SERVER_NAME\r\n"
        ."Reply-To: info@$SERVER_NAME\r\n"
        ."X-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion()) or die(mysql_error());
 echo '<p class="text01">Newsletter erfolgreich verschickt.</p>';

Would be nice if i could get a hint =O)


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