The problem is NOT the list, but the services like marc that archive the
lists activities... this means your email address sits there in plain view
on MANY web pages for bots to find.

Best advice is to post strictly to the newsgroup with a dud email address,
or use a specific email address for your activities on the PHP list, and
filter out anything to that address which doesn't have [PHP] in the subject
line, which is what I plan to do soon.

Using 'nospam' in your address' prolly doesn't help as much as it used to,
because it's common practice these days, hence spiders probably attempt to
parse it out.

Your spam may be originating from somewhere entirely different from the PHP
list... if your address is on ANY web page accessed via GET (URL, not POST),
it's within reach of the spiders...

Fun huh?


on 26/09/02 3:30 PM, John Taylor-Johnston ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

> Hi,
> Who is the forum's owner?
> I want to post questions using [EMAIL PROTECTED] and
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] in my from: and reply-to:
> I post infrequently to this list using news:// NOT
> This is about the only list I post to. I've been receiving a lot of spam from
> Korea lately and what to put a stop to it, or at least slow it down.
> John

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