Noodle Snacks wrote:
> I was using a redirect using $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] from the previous
> page (a login for a site) and it didn't include this from the url:
> shouldn't it? It caused a SQL error. (which I have included a catch
> for so the error will be friendly)
> instead of the variable to be: /co2_busters_mk2/full_article.php I
> want it to be: /co2_busters_mk2/full_article.php?aid=12.  (like it
> would appear in the address bar).
> is it sposed to be like that or is it a bug? Also what is the best
> way to include all get data in the url?

It is supposed to be like that...the PHP_SELF points to this file, and the
filename has no arguments, thus the PHP_SELF variable don't have them

You will have to use the $_GET array for the "aid=12" part.

Grtz Erwin

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