I'm having quite a dumb problem with PHP... It's probably more a result
of brain freeze than anything else, but if anyone could help it'd be
very much appreciated.

Basically, I need to include() the contents of a variable. Saving the
contents to a temporary file and then using include() would be

What I mean is that I need PHP to display the contents of a variable,
parsing it as if it's in HTML mode - ie the variable could contain:

        <p>Some text here.</p>
        <?php print("<p>Some more text.</p>"); ?>
        <p>The last bit of text.</p>

... and the output would be:
        <p>Some text here.</p>
        <p>Some more text.</p>
        <p>The last bit of text.</p>

What the best way of doing this?

Cheers in anticipation!


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