Sascha Braun wrote:
> Seems to work not that bad, but I got another Question.
> Why isn't there anything in the archive?

It works in here (just tested it), I don't know why it's empty (don't stop
reading here!!! :-) )

> This is my code yet:
> <?
> Header('Content-Type: application/x-tar');
> Header("Content-disposition: attachment;
> filename=".$_REQUEST['name'].".tar");
> $command = 'tar -cf - ../images/' . $_REQUEST['image'];
> passthru($command);
> ?>

Nothing wrong with this...

By the way, make sure there is no newline in the second Header:

Header("Content-Disposition: attachment;

I don't know if the mailingprogram breaks this line, but it's one line (just
in case).

> I did put away the gzip routine couse I find it a little nerving if i
> always have to open
> two files ;)


> The source pictures size is 406 KB, the download is about 340 KB in
> size, isn't it wrong a bit?

That's wrong...tar doesn't compress...a tar archive does have a small
footprint (about 1k-2k with one file), so the tar file should ALWAYS be
bigger than the source file(s)...

Hmmmm...thinking about this...I'm sure you would like compression instead of
archiving. Use gzip only instead of tar:

- Set the header back to application/x-gzip
- Change the command to gzip -c <filename>

I'm very curious if you get any (correct) output then...

> Greetings
> Sascha

Greets back :)

> PS.: Isn't it wrong, when I write greetings in english? Sounds so
> german, what could i write else? Thank you very much.

Try "Greets" or "Thanks in advance" ;-))
Greetings sounds (to me) more like what you say at the start of a

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