Here's the bugs:

It's related to mbstring, Apache 2.0.40 and PHP 4.2.3 you can get the 
latest snapshot or you can follow instructions below

<snip from the bug page>
The issue was with the --enable-mbstr-enc-trans configure
option; remove it from your configure line and rebuild and
the problem goes away.
This has been fixed in CVS.
</snip from the bug page>

John Holmes wrote:
> This was just talked about last week, search the archives. IIRC, it was
> a bug, so maybe search the buglist, too.
> ---John Holmes...
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: David Busby [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>>Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 7:29 PM
>>Subject: [PHP] PHP POST arrar is dropping 4 characters
>>      I'm using PHP on my RH73 box and when I post it drops 4
> characters
>>out of
>>the post array.  Can someone look at the code below and tell me if I'm
>>missing something?  Why would it cut four characters off?  Perhaps
> cause
>>the name is four chars?  Bug?
>>HTML that is sent to browser
>><input name='ei[]' type='checkbox'
>>value="24033CD9-7C60-4AB0-9D7D-180D885DC857" />Item One<br />
>><input name='ei[]' type='checkbox'
>>value="8D86D6B8-A42E-4B19-B930-826AAECA2AB4" />Item Two<br />
>><input name='ei[]' type='checkbox'
>>value="3D6A7538-55ED-47C9-9447-0083EE6525F5" />Item Three<br />
>><input name='ei[]' type='checkbox'
>>value="9CAC5C80-AEAA-4EF3-9B96-750994A3E787" />Item Four<br />
>>PHP that reads the post:
>>$ar_ei = $_POST['ei'];
>>if (is_array($ar_ei))
>>    $c = sizeof($ar_ei);
>>    for ($i=0;$i<$c;$i++)
>>    {
>>      // Right here is where the first four characters are cut off
> from
>>      // the 'ei[]' value, should be
>>      // "24033CD9-7C60-4AB0-9D7D-180D885DC857" but instead is
>>      // "3CD9-7C60-4AB0-9D7D-180D885DC857"
>>      echo $ar_ei[$i]."<br />";
>>    }
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