Hi. I've scoured the net, posted tons of forum threads, tried everything. I
simply cannot get this to work, yet it should be so simple.

I recently had our Admin guy install PHP as a CGI-binary on a Unix system.
Apache 1.3.2 is also installed.

He didn't install PHP as a Apache module because the server was never
configured with axps. 

Now, I can run PHP scripts at the command line, which is great.

However, anytime I visit our server and try to view a *.php page, it just
tries to open/save the file, instead of actually displaying HTML.

My question is, what do I have to do to enable php to run like this in
Apache? Is there something I need to add to httpd.conf to get this to work?
I've tried everything and nothing works. Yet in the same folder my *.cgi
scripts run flawlessly.

Please help. Appreciated.


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