On 26 Sep 2002 at 10:35, Joshua Patterson wrote:

> I have been working to try and have flash MX use PHP to access a
> database but have been having issues with retrieving the post values in
> php.

> am e= MyUserName

> //store header values to internal defined values.
>  $username = $HTTP_POST_VARS['username'];
>  $password = $HTTP_POST_VARS['password'];
> //db_connect has been removed for security purposes.

You are using a GET, not a POST. I've never worried about this stuff. I 
started with Perl and using the CGI.pm library I just was given the 
input in a hash .. left details up to CGI.pm and I got the input no 
matter how it was given. I use the following in PHP

function &ProcessFormData(&$GLOBAL_INPUT) {
        $FormVariables = array();
        $input = $GLOBAL_INPUT['HTTP_GET_VARS'] ? 
        foreach($input as $Key=>$Value) {
        if(is_array($Value)) {
            foreach($Value as $SubKey=>$SubValue) {
                $FormVariables[$Key][$SubKey] = 
        }else {
            $FormVariables[$Key] = htmlspecialchars($Value);
        return $FormVariables;
    } # End ProcessFormData

You might not want to use htmlspecialchars.

Also, when I do use globals (and I hate to do that) I stick them in a 
global array that gets passed around. I don't use global Yaddda 
....(only very rarely). Have you ever worked on someone else's code 
which has over 50 scattered files and no documentation and you need to 
find out where in the heck a variable is intialiazed and modified (can 
be anywhere)? Is there an easy way to handle this? Drives me nuts :)  
Maybe I've just not recognized the nutcracker.


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