You can use this code:

print <<< EndOfHTML

put all html in here even with "


This will print out all html. and dont care about special signs.


"Reuben D. Budiardja" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Hi all,
When using Apache web server, with php module, I can intermix between HTML
code and PHP. But when using PHP as CGI (in other web server, eg. OMNI), as
far as I know, I have to write all HTML code using either echo or print
statement, right? Is there a better way to do this?

The problem is that someone already have the HTML part, and I just wont to
insert some PHP codes around it. If I use
echo "

then I have to escape all the quotation mark (") inside the HTML code, which
is laborious and not really elegant. The same problem occurs even if I use
echo with single quote instead of double quote. I have to escape all the
single quote, since the HTML code is also intermix between HTML and
javascript, which has single and double quotes.

How do I best solve this problem? Thanks a lot for any response.
Reuben D. Budiardja

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