Try having a look at the SOUNDEX() function (not sure how well this works for 
proper names). Have you look into string comparison functions 

You also might have better luck asking the mysql mailing list. (if you are 
looking for a mysql solution)

Quoting Sascha Braun <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Hi again,
> when I was verifying my search funktions on my webpage, I came thinking of,
> how I will be able to build a search that would be able to find words which
> are spelled incorrect.
> I came to this point, 'cause I have a name in my Database called pettersson.
> Some people believe this guy is written peterson ot petersson.
> But I want all my visitors to find Him in each cases.
> I read myself thru Rexular Expressions in MySQL and read thru
> Fulltext searches thru MATCH() AGAINST() but I think, it would
> not do what i want.
> I remember an OpenSource Shop System called Interchange(MiniVend)
> written in perl, which had failuretollerant search thru the use of egrep.
> But I dont know how it works.
> I hope I can find someone here, who has done something like that before.
> I know it's not easy. So if you could help me a little, i would be very
> pleased.
> Have it nice!
> Sascha

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