You could also do a simple data check against your database to make sure
that the same information isn't posted by the same person in a certain time

More complicated, but works well and doesn't rely on browser refresh or php
headers - both of which can occasionally run into problems.

Best Regards
Bob Irwin
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Planet Netcom
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> > I have a message board written in PHP w/MySQL.
> > So when a person submitting a post, it goes to a list_view.
> > If this person refresh the list_view.
> > The message he submitted will get submitted again.
> > How can I avoid this problem?
> > Please let me know if you know the answer. Thanks
> This question is asked every week, it seems. Best method is to use a
> "middle-man". Use a middle page that processes the new post, then
> redirects the user to the next page. You can use a PHP header()
> solution, or a javascript META-REFRESH method.
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