Nah, I'd advise against this... doesn't that mean that every time a new
provide pops up, that you have to modify the code?  And trying to keep on
top of worldwide providers would be a nightmare... there are maybe 10-15
providers in Australia alone... and one of them could drop off or another
could emerge any day.

And worse still (although it's a good thing!!!), in Australia they've just
passed legislation to ensure that you can carry your existing number to
another provider... meaning that my Vodafone prefix of 0414 can now be a
Telstra, Orange, or whatever else prefix.

The prefix's are begining to mean nothing.

What's wrong with the user typing their whole number?


on 27/09/02 2:16 AM, Ryan A ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I am trying to make a script which will automatically put in the first 4-5
> numbers of  a mobile number depending on which mobile connection the user
> has....but since i do not live in the states I would appreciate any help you
> can give me..
> To call here from outside Stockholm,Sweden(my location) the number is
> something like +46 7371(5 digits here) and my provider is CONVIQ
> what is the  country code + first five digits and provider of your mobile
> number?
> As you can see i am not asking for your personal number, just the code and
> first 4 or 5 provider digits and location....also please tell me if its a
> prepaid card or a regular..
> If you can give me differient providers numbers I would appreciate it even
> more....
> Thanks in advance,
> -Ryan.

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