I used to have php 4.2.3 on iis on 200 and xp and it worked fine, but I
decided o now go with apache for open source's sake and the sake of my

Well right now my sanity is in question, php tells me that I have to
manually config the apache conf file - no prob here done this many
times; but it tells me to add theis line here:

LoadModule php4_module c:/php/sapi/php4apache.dll

Now I don't see php4apache.dll anywhere in sight.

What I do see is: php4ts.dll; and I wonder if the documentation is
outdated. - (or if I am a complete fool)

Either way I get this error when running the apache test:

Cannot load blah blah module blah blah LoadModule php4_module

Not only that, but I see no "sapi" anywhere in c:/php/

Ok, cool, now what? Any help?

- Victor - www.argilent.com  

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