>> I need to write an application that accepts a list of URLs and checks them
>> on a daily basis (via cron) to see if the pages have changed in the past
>> I need some help with this. Does anyone know the most optimal way to find
>> out when a particular Web page has been modified? I am thinking about using
>> the Last-Modified: HTTP header - however, all servers do not return this
>> header - any ideas on what the fallback should be?
>You could calculate and store the MD5 hash of the page. If the hash is
>different the next day, you know the page has been modified.

Does this mean that I need to read the entire contents of the HTTP stream
into a variable, calculate the hash and store it for comparison? Or is
there an easier way to get the MD5 hash?

Basically, I'm wondering if there is a way to do this without having to
read the entire URL contents via HTTP.


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