I am using php 4.2.3 with the jdk1.3.1_04 running on RedHat 7.2 and
apache 1.3.22. The terms "Factory" and "Proxy" are similar to their
respective design patterns. I have a java Factory that creates Proxy
objects. The Factory returns a base interface that can be cast as the
class that was actually instantiated. 

  The problem is that after I call the Factory method
simpleCreateObject() from php I need to cast the variable returned as a
derived class from within php. In java I would just cast the return
value as whatever class I requested like so:

// java code to cast return type as derived class
  per = (GenericProxy)tcpb.simpleCreateObject("Person", 0, null);

// php code used to call simpleCreateObject()
  $per = $tcpb->simpleCreateObject('Person', 1, null);

How can I cast $per as a different class? 

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