Hello All.

I have a small 'to-do list' that is working just fine.

the db-table structor is close to this:

datetime   (for date of doing the task)
into  (quick title/intro about task)
text  (guts of work I have to do)
active  (is task active or done)

Here is the question I've got:

My datestamp is simply m/d/y. (I need to keep that format)

I would like to be able to move a specific to-do up-or-down the list, for
the given days tasks.
Adding a new table field is not a problem, I'm just not sure how to
control the sort-order, or the re-arrange.
I'm also not against using an array (as a friend suggested) but I'm not
understanding what he was getting at. (quick conversation with him)
Anyway, any ideas on this sort of thing would be great!

John B. Abela

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