On 27 Sep 2002 at 22:09, Manuel Lemos wrote:

> Assumming that you tried the forms generation and validation class, what
> did you realize that was missing to match your needs?
> http://www.phpclasses.org/formsgeneration

Well that's the first thing I found and I downloaded it. It does much 
more than what I want, for instance here:

>  $subscription->AddInput(array(
>   "TYPE"=>"text",
>   "NAME"=>"email",
>   "MAXLENGTH"=>100,
>   "Capitalization"=>"lowercase",
>   "ValidateAsEmail"=>1,
>   "ValidationErrorMessage"=>"It was not specified a valid e-mail
>   address"
>  ));

Those attributes already exist in the form. I create the forms on the 
fly only once afterwhich they are in the hands of the designers to 
manipulate. I pass back to the form a data structure that will have 
something like:


and the designer can check for this, lke this in smarty:

{if $error.missing_email}Yo give me email{/if}
{if $error.invalid_email}Please verify your email{/if}

and I have a script that will generated those if statements so one 
doesn't need to do a lot of typing. 

I don't like generating the form programmatically all the time ... I 
leave that to the *view*. 

I just want to pass the input data I received, the definition of the 
form I'm using with this data and have the function return the 3 arrays 
: good, invalid, missing. I've been very happy with this in Perl. 

The formgen is very powerful, too powerful and too intrusive into the 
other things I'm doing. I only need a small part of it. What I want has 
nothing really to do with html forms, just data validation.


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